21 October 2011

So tired....

Ugh. I'm so freakin' the title of this post. 

Spent yesterday morning at work, doing some overtime. Didn't have to work very hard, but I was up at 0630. After that I went home and changed, then we started running errands before a fancy dinner out with friends, followed by hanging at the in-laws' place. Came home, finished my book, and then got to bed at 0030. Woke up several times during the night from being cold or just having to roll over. Then got up again at 0630. 

Today, though, I don't have anything to do after work. Fiancé is taking her little bro and his girlfriend costume shopping because he's gotta wear one for work (When did they become mandatory? Most jobs I've ever had disallowed costumes.) and some "game" he's running at the school's fall festival or something.

Speaking of costumes, Halloween sucks for a fat guy. Just sayin'. It's hard to be anything particularly creative without spending either a ton on a custom costume, or assembling one yourself. Also, it's near to impossible finding a creative costume on two days notice when you're broke. 

So, complainy complain whiny whine. I think I'm gonna just grab a plastic spoon and some fake blood and be a cereal killer. 

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