30 October 2011

Oh, how I love the rain...

I was floating around the internet last night, with no particular destination in mind. Clicking random links, getting lost in Wikipedia and TV Tropes. I'd worked a 12 hour shift and then did laundry, so I felt nice and productive.  All in all, it was a rather relaxing evening.

Then, I stumbled across RainyMood.com, which totally changed my world. It's a simple site, really, with just a loop of the sound of a thunderstorm playing in the background, but it settled my brainwaves into some deep Jedi/Zen trance, and I don't remember much of anything after it started playing.

I remember wanting to write a specific scene, about characters under a large skylight or in a greenhouse or something, while the thunderstorm quietly raged outside, but that's it.

Nothing else until I went to bed.

I love the rain so freakin' much.

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