20 April 2012

Movies and Jobs and Junk...

Originally written a week ago:

So I saw "Cabin In The Woods" last night. It was quite fantastic. Witty, suspenseful, and overall awesome. The monster design was absolutely superb, and once again, I'm proven right in the "I'll see anything with Joss Whedon involvement". The ending completely blew my mind, and even now, I've got that vague "WTF did I just watch?" feeling mixed in with the "Holy crap! that was awesome!".

My Sweetheart is about to start her new job. I'm nervous, but excited. (She started last Monday, and it is awesome.)

Embarking on a journey...

Well, kinda. I'm learning Russian. Or trying to, anyway. It's so much fun it's ridiculous, and it's getting much easier to read the Cyrillic alphabet. I still can't type in Russian, of course, because my keyboard is in English, and it'd be entirely too complicated to learn the alternate keys on my current keyboard. Maybe I'll just go with an online Cyrillic keyboard.

Also, my work computer has gone COMPLETELY RETARDED! I'm hoping IT&S gets back with me so we can make this thing work like it's supposed to.

I'm working now, but have a date with my dad, little bro, and best friend for some gunpowder therapy (time at the gun range), and I can't wait.

09 April 2012

Hey, look! A blog post!

When I spend time with my wife’s family, I feel at home. Her mom’s family, her dad’s family, it doesn’t matter. They’re all super welcoming and laid back (even the uptight ones), and I feel at ease.


At holidays where everybody gets together and I am put in a group of people whom I may have met once or twice, I feel super awkward. Especially when the relationship to the family is just barely there. With my family, it’s Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, and Cousins. That’s what qualifies as family.

With her it’s....everybody. Grandpa’s brother, her aunt’s aunt by marriage, brother’s uncle’s nephew’s cousin. Anybody and everybody can be counted as family, and to their face, they have to be treated like family. Even when everybody hates them. It’s all “shake hands and make nice”.

Add in the alcohol content and the fact that I only have one drink, maybe once or twice a year, and things get really weird.

Not that I’m complaining. I have no cause for complaints. I just don’t get it sometimes. Maybe the “family” portion of my brain is wired wrong. Lord knows I’ve got enough dysfunction in my family to share....