11 August 2013

Soapbox Time

*climbs up onto soapbox*

So, somebody I know had to leave her place of work because she was uncomfortable with a conversation that some of her supervisors were having. This discussion took place in the middle of her department, with no discretion used at all, between two well educated adults.

Basically, it amounted to "Hey, this guy who used to work here got a sex change, and that's unnatural, and it's against God, and I'm glad that Texas doesn't allow gays to adopt because that puts kids into a hazardous environment, and it's not about Civil Rights because I was born black, and you can't be concerned about Civil Rights unless you're black."

Prefacing each disparaging statement was something along the lines of "Well, I don't wanna end up in Human Resources, but...".

Now, I don't care what your religion or own personal beliefs are, or how you feel about subject A, or subject B, but if you have to preface your statement at work with "I don't wanna end up in HR," you probably shouldn't be saying it at work. I would expect two relatively well educated people, with doctorate degrees in their chosen fields, to understand that concept.

Also, in my own personal opinion, if you judge anyone based on anything other than your personal interactions with them, and the quality of their work ethic (be it employment, or academic, or personal), you're an asshole.

*steps down from soapbox*