29 October 2011

Late nights with the Goddamned Batman...

So I started playing Arkham City last night.

How stupid-fun is it to be Batman?

The day started off like any Friday. I went to work, did stuff, and went home. Plan was for my Sweetheart to leave for her overnight Halloween party around 1600, and I'd do laundry until my partner in crime (C.) was off work. Got home, found out that plans had changed and the girls weren't leaving until about 1900. Still fine, no big deal. I could do the laundry I needed in that time (laundry soap was in Sweetheart's car). Sweetheart and  C.'s Sweetheart didn't get to our place to get ready until just before 1900.

Dunno what it is about girls, but when they get together, it seems that their "getting ready" time frame quadruples. Sweetheart didn't wind up leaving until close to 2130. Granted, they got super dolled up for Halloween, but still.

So we got in C.'s car to go grab him a shower and change of clothes, along with Arkham City to bring back to my place. As we tried to parallel un-park, his engine made this little rattling sound. We popped the hood and found that one of his belts (not the timing belt) was just a tiny bit loose, and made a flapping sound. Didn't appear to be anything catastrophic, and so we said "Ah, fuck it.". Got back in the car, and then it started making this horrible screeching clunking sound. We checked again, and the crankshaft pulley was at a 40 degree angle to the engine, and the timing belt was all sorts of mangled into the second belt.

So, we wound up taking my car....

Went to dinner at Hooters, and except for the whole "The Final Game Of The World Series" thing, it was good. My drink glass stayed full (mostly), which is my indicator of how good the service is. The food was good, and I only felt like punching two people for being annoying drunks, so I call that a win.

Went back to C.'s house and wound up just chilling there. Played Arkham City, which is the best game in the world (until Skyrim comes out). I beat the crap outta bad guys, and even it all it's single button mashing glory, it was still epic.

I looked at the clock once and it was midnight. Two minutes later, it was 0230. So I decided that after this current wave of bad guys, once I reach a checkpoint, I'll stop and head home.


I didn't leave his place until 0250. Got home about 0315, took a shower, got ready for bed, and by 0400 I was asleep.

And then my alarm went off.

At 0630.




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