11 March 2012


Well, my ER flooded today. I'm so soggy it hurts. During the flood, we had some jackass upstairs having friends bring alcohol into the hospital "to party". When we tried to disallow such practices (Because you're in a freakin' hospital, stupid!), was the response a calm, collected "I'm sorry."?


"Show me the policy that says I can't drink in the hospital."

Are you fucking serious?

Okay. I can think of two, right off the top of my head.

1. Your doctor didn't put that on the strictly controlled diet that you're on while a patient in the hospital, therefore, no alcohol.

2. Alcohol (for all intents and purposes) is considered a chemical in the hospital setting. All chemicals must be approved by our Engineering department, and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) must be created for said chemical. As our Engineering department did not buy the alcohol that your friends brought in from a licensed vendor, they're not going to do the work required to make your outside adult beverages legal in the hospital. You're welcome to try and get it approved on Monday, though.

Some people.........