19 November 2011

Nerd Things...

So, I'm a gamer, both tabletop (D&D) and electronic. I read comics, and watch sci-fi and fantasty movies. I read Dean Koontz more than anybody else, and I love me some Piers Anthony.

What I'd really love to do, is LARP. I can't express how much fun I think that'd be. Now, I'm not talking going full on retarded with it (though I probably would). I just wanna run around with a sword (a safe sword, obviously) and smash stuff, pretty much. I think it'd be a freakin' blast. I thought about joining the SCA (which, I know, isn't LARPing), but every time I really get into the idea, I'm either strapped for time or cash, and can't make it work. I've thought about joining the local (sort of) N.E.R.O. chapter, but they're crazy expensive, and not even remotely on my side of town.

I bought my best friend a pair of Kendo Shinai (bamboo swords) with the intent that we'd play with them all the time, but they've only managed to sit in his bedroom since. Dang it...

Anyway. I think LARPing would be awesome.

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  1. I went LARPing once. At one of the oldest LARP groups in England... Treasure Trappers based out of the University of Durham. I monstered. And we killed almost the entire party. Good times.