16 November 2011

Workin' the night shift...

So, I'm doing the thing the title of this post says. It's been forever since I've been on nights, and so it's a little weird. Had to think hard to remember which doors get unlocked in the mornings, and the pattern in which they have to be unlocked. Only had one call so far tonight, but I had to guess at how the new overnight intercom system works. Fairly simply, it turns out. Now, I've got two hours left to go, and I'm feelin' okay.

I slept well Monday night, and then had a three hour nap this afternoon, and haven't had the sleepy monster attack me yet. I figure I'll get home today, have some breakfast (probably leftover lasagna), and watch TV until I get sleepy.

Painted a new Nerf gun tonight, and got some writing done. I'll see about posting pics of the gun later today. I'd do it now, but I'm missing my stupid cord. *shrugs* Hope yall have/had a great night/day.

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