05 November 2011

Vidja games...

So, I consider myself a casual gamer. I played on the original Playstation (because that's the first game console I was allowed to have). Metal Gear Solid, Coolboarders 2, Rival Schools, the original Spiderman games and such. From there I moved on to the X-Box (not a big Halo fan), and then the X-Box 360 (not crazy about Gears). I didn't play a lot of traditional RPGs (Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Zelda games), but I did play The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Oh...My...God, did I play that game. Played it when it first came out, and then traded it in. Bought it again a few months later, and traded it in again after probably 6 months with it. Bought it a third time, and then sold it when I moved out (needed the cash). Got another 360, and I bought the game before I got the Red Ring Of Death. Kept the game, and borrowed a friend's 360 for several months.

Then, the best news ever (in gaming) came out. Bethesda Softworks is making another Elder Scrolls game.

It's coming out on 11-11-11.

Now, I want you do me a favor. Just indulge me for a moment.

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a dark cave. Shadows flicker just outside the light of your campfire, and dark things skitter across the stony floor. The wind howls into the cave from outside, bringing a chill to your bones as the snowy air courses around you, and on the breeze, you hear a word whispered, so soft you can barely hear it.


Does that not fill you with the most AWESOME kind of dread? No? Well then you have no soul and are dead inside.

I'm so freakin' excited for this game. I've intentionally stayed away from gameplay vids, spoilers, and everything other than "pretty pretty pictures" (screenshots) from the game, so that I can get the full on experience next Friday night. My best friend and I are going to take over his living room, using both big screen TV's in his house, and just Skyrim it up all night. I'm gonna get off work Friday, go home and try to sleep, and then hit his house after he's off work, so that we can Skyrim ourselves into Oblivion (see what I did there?) until the wee hours of the morning when we have to go to work.

Effin' lame.

I'm gonna try to spend as much time at his place as I can, so that I can game it up until my nerd boner explodes in a sticky mess of gaming ecstasy.

At least, that's the plan.

EDIT: So I went to his place and played some DC Universe Online last night. Fuckin' Epic. Best free game ever.

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