02 November 2011

Painting stuff....


Okay, so yeah, I'm a giant nerd, who paints Nerf guns. This initially started as a project over a year ago, where I just spraypainted the gun black, and then took silver model paint and made it look all fucked up.

Yesterday I started over with acrylic paint. Base layer of black, with silver accents at first, but then I decided to go a bit further, and give it some color.

Obviously these pictures aren't the best, but they're what I've got, so...

Several coats of black on silver on black on silver and I got the slide looking like I wanted. That button just in front and above the trigger took a ton of work to get the silver/green/black mixture the way I wanted it.

This is the opposite side of the gun, obviously. Those green lines were rather simple to do, since I just painted a sloppy green line, and then hit the edges with black. 

The revolving barrel portion was tough. I did a solid black coat, then hit it up with silver. Obviously there were mistakes, like the long silver streaks. 

 The front portion of the gun is silver with black streaks. I figured I'd go for a silvered metal look, with a grimy coat of black here and there. The opposite from the back end of blackened (or blued) steel, worn down with use.
 Here I silvered the, uh, whatever you call the projection above the grip. I also silvered the edges of the grip, and all the screws (even the fake ones).

 So, yeah. That's what I did over the last two days. If you wanna see how it's supposed to be done, check out http://johnsonarms.wordpress.com for the real deal.

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