16 November 2011

Nerf Proton

So here are the pictures I promised earlier tonight. First is obviously the stock, unsanded, unpainted Nerf Proton. 

Second, we have a shot of the grip. It's hard to see in this picture (because of early morning sunlight and such), but the rear grip is dark green with silver weathering, and the side grip is light green. The front of the grip is actually black with silver weathering, but it seems very green here.

  Front ish view. Not much to say.
This is the reverse side of the gun, obviously. Silvered "energy cartridge" with a green base, for fancyness.

Comparison shots with my Nerf Maverick.


  1. Nice work on the weathering! The proton is a very detailed gun so kudos for going after a tough challenge Joe!

  2. Wow. That's high praise coming from one such as yourself. Thanks a lot.