30 December 2011

Comics and life and such.

So, yeah. It's looking like "Marv" is going to be updated over the weekend. Friday through Monday, since those are the days I work. I love the Windows XP version of MS Paint. I'm comfortable with it, and I've used it for years. Windows 7 Paint (which is on my home PC), not so much. I do my "best" work from, well, work, so I'll be drawing and writing from here.

Also, there's no X-Box to distract me at work, so I can focus and not get lost in Skyrim or Minecraft or Mass Effect 2...

So, yeah. I've got a "Bro Christmas" tonight with my best friend. We keep trying to find a time and day for "Couples' Christmas" that works for him and his girl, and me and Sweetheart, but it's complicated, so we're just gonna have our manly celebration of awesomeness tonight.



No, no. I have it!

"Winter Bro-lstice".

Yup. That's the one. Will be doing that, and then probably just playing vid'ya games for New Years. Sweetheart's got a family game night thing with a friend from High School, and she loves that whole family, so...lonely Joe is lonely.

Lonely Joe, kept warm only by the uncaring glow of his X-Box's pretty pretty lights (which is actually much more awesome than lonely). I think I'll just crank up the volume and get lost in the game. Hopefully I won't be dead at work on Sunday.

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