24 December 2011

Christmasy things.

Happy Put-A-Tree-In-Your-House-Day-Eve!

Also, I may be working overtime tonight and tomorrow, which means that my Christmas stuff is pretty much over with, since everything with the family is planned for tonight and tomorrow night. I hate the holidays, when it comes to getting emergency coverage.

"Sorry, got plans, can't work." says everybody, which means I get to stay at work, because I can't leave (required by law to stay) until I'm properly relieved. If I do, I can be fined and will probably be fired.

So, yeah. Good times.

On the plus side, though, I'll get base pay, plus my Weekend differential, plus my Holiday differential, plus my evening/night shift differential, plus my Overtime pay, which is time and a half. That'll make for a nice paycheck, if the payroll folks don't have a stroke.

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