25 February 2012


Well, it's going to be about $800 to fix my car. Soon as we get it back we're going to try and sell it, and then try to buy a brand new car for my Sweetheart. I'll get her car and she'll get the new one. I'll be regressing by 4 years, but she'll be leaping ahead by ten, so it works out.

Not much else going. Did laundry last night and played some X-Box with my best friend (which sounds much more girlie than it should). Working today, tomorrow, and Monday, as always. Should be going to pick up my car Monday afternoon. That's pretty much it.

Oh, and we've changed our plans for the honeymoon. Instead of the Lake Tahoe, Seattle, San Louis Abispo route, we're going to go to Florida and do Disney/Universal. I'm so excited.

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