09 January 2012

Back in the saddle....if I had a saddle....

Okay. I know I fell off the radar as far as the comic goes, but I rectified that (a little bit) today, by posting a new strip. I need to build up a real life buffer, and not one that just lets me skate by for a day or two.

It's raining here. It has been since late last night. An absolute downpour. This is the first time it's rained steady for more than about an hour since last April, so I'm ecstatic about it. I love the rain so much. I can't wait to go home (in about two and a half hours) and snuggle in and listen to the rain.

Also, I'm getting married in like 27 days. Fuckin' woah. How the hell did the wedding jump up that fast? I see you, you sneaky life changing event, you.

Work, blah blah blah, work. I've got a new ship to design (I do that from time to time, designing spaceships for the RPG where I play). It's fun. I dig it. Only problem is that my home computer still works off of the new MS Paint. Lame.....

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