19 February 2013

Married life...

So, as some of you may know, I got married last year. 4 February 2012, to be precise. We got married on a  Saturday, and both had to be back at work on Monday. Over the last year we've had good times and bad. We've had very good times and very bad times. I've been an asshole, she's been a bitch. I've been a decent husband and she's been the best wife/friend/partner anyone could ever ask for.

We're now finally getting to go on our honey moon, a year and change late. We're taking a trip to Ireland over Spring Break. We're not sure what all we're going to do while we're there, though traveling and drinking (not at the same time) are definitely on the agenda. We'll be there for Saint Patrick's Day, so that should be...interesting.

So yeah...good times.

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